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Society of Black Lawyers

The Society of Black Lawyers (SBL) is the oldest organisation of African, Asian and Caribbean lawyers in the UK.

When we were established in 1969, we had two primary objectives:

  1. to work towards the elimination of racial discrimination within the legal profession, which prevented people from ethnic minority communities from accessing legal education and training opportunities; and
  2. to work towards the achievement of true equality of opportunity and equal access to justice for all people from minority ethnic communities through the provision of effective legal representation, advocacy, education and leadership.

The crucial link between these two objectives was the clear understanding and belief that a socially and ethnically diverse legal profession is essential to the adequate understanding and servicing of a socially and ethnically diverse society.

These objectives remain the SBL’s guiding principles. We serve as the legal arm for the protection of black, Asian and ethnic minority communities against racism and discrimination. At the same time, we articulate and promote the professional needs and goals of ethnic minority lawyers, law students, legal workers, judges and academics.

SBL is a dynamic organisation, committed to the Charles H. Houston philosophy that as lawyers, we have a responsibility to ensure that each generation does more to help its community than the previous generation. SBL works positively towards achieving this end goal.