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Chicago Shootings SBL Radio Interview LA Radio 90 7FM

SBL Chair , D. Peter Herbert being interviewed in Los Angeles about the Chicago shooting by Naana Gyamfi on Radio KPFK.The interview addressed the simularities to such incidents in the UK, how the SBL could advise and assist the “Black Lives Matter Campaign” and the way forward in the US for exposing such cases.



AML 023: “Chair of the Society of Black Lawyers and Human Rights Barrister” on EBOLA, ISIS, BOKO HARAM, and Land Redistribution in South Africa


D. Peter Herbert O.B.E. on Ebola, Isis, Boko Haram, and Land
Redistribution in South Africa

“Donald Peter Herbert, O.B.E., of Sierra Leone and British heritage, is a leading human rights barrister who has a distinguished career at the English Bar havingPeter Herbert appeared in the European Court of Human Rights and as Lead Defence Counsel before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). Peter has led in high profile civil rights cases throughout England and Wales. Peter has extensive experience at the Family Bar having appeared in the Victoria Climbie Inquiry, with leading work including Judicial Review , employment discrimination cases, inquests and civil actions against the police.”

Inside this Episode:
  1. Peter’s journey into becoming a lawyer.
  2. How Peter became one of the few minority judges in the UK.
  3. Peter’s work as an international human rights lawyer.
  4. Peter’s views on Ebola, Isis, Boko Haram and Land redistribution in South Africa.
  5. Peter’s general tips for the legal community and the West in handling crisis involving Africa.