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In the face of the escalating crisis in Gaza, the Society of Black Lawyers U.K (SBL) expresses deep sorrow for all innocent victims of violence, regardless of their ethnicity or …

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Respected Guests

Submitted by


Dear Respected Guests,

This is a welcoming note of a unique nature. Having you among us is beyond an honor and a pleasure. With the times our country is facing, hosting refugees with certain imminent if not permanent needs, we all value the concern and support you show and vigilant tracking of refugee status. On behalf of the LOUDER and LIU, an extended welcome will follow you back home, to show how outside efforts are indispensable and everly undeniable.

www.louderlb.org www.liu.edu.lb

We would like to give you an idea of what you will visit today in Beqaa:

Beqaa Valley

Dear Studded with villages, vegetable farms, wineries and ancient ruins that cover the valley like a multicolored carpet, the grasslands of Bekaa are rich with history and culture. Nestled between the Mount Lebanon and Anti-Lebanon ranges, the valley is a natural pathway between northern Syria and Palestine, a route once frequented by caravans and invaders alike. It has two UNESCO heritages” Baalbek and Anjar”

The Beqaa is located about 30 km (19 mi) east of Beirut. It forms the north easternmost extension of the Great Rift Valley, which stretches from Syria to the Red Sea. Beqaa Valley is 120 kilometers (75 mi) long and an average 16 kilometers (9.9 mi) wide on average. It has a Mediterranean climate of wet, often snowy winters and dry, warm summers.

From the 1st century BC, when the region was part of the Roman Empire, the Beqaa Valley served as a source of grain for the Roman provinces of the Levant. Today the valley makes up 40 percent of Lebanon’s arable land

Today we will visit:

  •  Chtaura (شتورا) is a town in Lebanon in the fertile Beqaa valley located between the Mount Lebanon and the Anti-Lebanon mountain range. It is located halfway on the Beirut – Damascus highway. It is located 44 km from Beirut. Chtaura is the valley’s hub for banking, transportation, and commerce. Hotels, and restaurants are plentiful there for the traveler on the main road. From Chtaura, the traveler can depart for Zahlé, Baalbek, or Damascus.
  •  Saadnayel (Arabic: سعدنايل), alternatively spelt as Saïd Neil, lies 47 kilometres (29 mi)

the Beirut-Damascus highway and the main road connecting the northern and southern

 El-Marj is a true Arabic word meaning lush green land. The town is approximately

12 square kilometers. It dates back to 500 years ago, including the time of the Ottoman Empire in the Arab world. There are graves that are dated back to Umayyad period of the 700’s.

away from Beirut The town is located strategically near the crossroads between

 Lebanese International University is a private university established by the former Lebanese defense and education minister Abdul Raheem Mourad. LIU has nine campuses at different locations in Lebanon: Bekaa, Beirut, Saida, Nabatieh, Mount Lebanon, Tripoli, Tyre, Rayak and Halba-Akkar. Each campus provides facilities that include but are not limited to laboratories, libraries, audio visual rooms, and so on. The Bekaa Campus is the ‘mother’ of LIU’s many Lebanon based campuses. It has a main cafeteria with more than 500 seating capacity, several shops and eateries, dormitories for both female and male students, and a wide range of recreational facilities including an Olympic-size pool, a football stadium, several green fields and parking areas.


 Majdal Anjar (Arabic: مجدل عنجر) is exactly located at the borders of Lebanon and Syria which is referred to the “Masnaa”. About 55 km from the Capital of Lebanon and 57 kilometers from Damascus. Rise of 970 m above sea level. An area of 25642775 square meters. The town contains an old mosque called “Omar bin al- Khattab,” built by Walid bin Abdul Malik bin Marwan. Majdal Anjar is famous by its ancient cathedral, called today “the castle” and located on the flat plateau called “Al Hosen”.

 Anjar: For Lunch

 Please keep your Passports with you
 Expected temperature in Bekaa on Tuesday is 33 Celsius http://www.accuweather.com  The road to Beqaa takes around 1.5 hours/ depending on the road traffic situation

Program: 27/6/2017

10:00 _ 11:00

11:15 _ 12:15

12:30 _13:30

13:45- 14:45

15:00-16:30 16:45 – 17:30

– Introducing AML, SBL, and LOUDER

– Meeting with Lebanese lawyers from Beqaa

– Meeting municipality – Visiting Syrian

refugees settlement

– Meeting municipality – Visiting Syrian

refugees settlement – Tour in the campus

Shams Restaurant- Anjar

  • – Meeting municipality
  • – Visiting Syrianrefugees settlement

Time schedule

Departure from Beirut




Louder Office- Beqaa

11:00 _ 11:15

Heading to Saadnayel Municipality


12:15_ 12:30

Heading to El Marj Municipality

13:30 _ 13:45


Heading to LIU

LIU university

14:45 _ 15:00

Heading to Anjar

Lunch Time


Heading to Majdal Anjar

Majdel Anjar

Contact Person(s):
Dr. Khouloud Al Khatib
K.khatib@louderlb.org khouloud.k@gmail.com ; 009613640110 Hadi Jaafar
hadyj@louderlb.org; 0096170681551

Global Migration Crises

The Syrian refugee crises is being defined as the most catastrophic migration crises the world has ever witnessed since World War II.

As of April 2017, the total number Syrians registered at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees exceeded 5 million for the very first time.1

The estimation for the total number of Syrian refugees remains hard due to the high flux of people who are either crossing the borders illegally due to the tightening restrictions that were imposed by the countries surrounding states (Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan primarily)

The below table illustrates the official number of Syrian refugees registered at the UNHCR versus the actual estimates:

a) On Lebanon:

The demographic distribution of the Syrian refugees across the Lebanese territories as resembled on the left image (summer of 2013) Demographic breakdown per governorate:23

1 “Syria Regional Refugee Response – Overview”. UNHCR Syria Regional Refugee Response, url : http://data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/regional.php
2 UNHCR Data as of December 31st, 2016 : http://data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/country.php?id=122
3 It is important to mention that the above numbers only covers the number of registered refugees and not the actual estimates that can be as high as 2 million.


Number of refugees registered


361, 104







b) Regionally: 4


Registered Refugees

Actual estimate


December 20155




March 20166




July 2016 7




c) Internationally (countries with significant refugee population >10,000)



Refugees resettled

Applicants under review


North America 40,048 62,000+



Europe 465,023 600,000+

Europe 110,333 —

Saudi Arabia

Middle East 500,000 Estimated overstays 0.5M



Europe 54,574 No resettlement plan

Europe 386 55,000

United States

North America 16,218 16,218


Europe — 31,963

4 http://data.unhcr.org/syrianrefugees/regional.php

5 PDF report about the overall Syrian refugee status in IRAQ.
6 “UNHCR Syria Regional Refugee Response -Turkey”. UNHCR Syria Regional Refugee Response. Retrieved 10 March 2016.
7 “Population stands at around 9.5 million, including 2.9 million guests”. The Jordan News. The Jordan Times. 30 January 2016. Retrieved 8 April 2016.

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